Signed in February 2018, the Buthera Agreement is providing capacity-building support for the Narungga Nation Aboriginal Corporation to drive development, economic enterprise and collaborative engagement with government agencies on Guuranda (Yorke Peninsula).

The Agreement commits the government to agency-specific place-based activities in two priority areas:

  • economic development
  • social services.

Initiatives in the Agreement include projects relating to:

  • youth justice
  • housing
  • domestic violence
  • health
  • child protection
  • education and cultural studies.

All of these are matters the government will continue to address in partnership with the Narungga people.

Buthera Agreement (PDF, 13.5 MB)


Some of the achievements to date include:

  • state and Commonwealth governments funding of $4 million in April 2019 to establish a boat-landing facility on Wardang Island
  • drafting a Traditional Fishing Strategy
  • drafting a co-management agreement for the Innes National Park (Dhilba Guuranda)
  • Narungga language programs and curriculum development.

Implementing the Buthera Agreement is also included as an action in the Government of South Australia's Aboriginal Affairs Action Plan 2019-20.

The Buthera Agreement is included here with the permission of the Narungga Nation Aboriginal Corporation.