A formal Partnership Agreement between the South Australian Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation Network (SAACCON) and the South Australian Government was signed in November 2022.

The South Australian government has committed to equal participation and shared decision making with SAACCON, South Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peak Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation body, to deliver the National Agreement on Closing the Gap in South Australia.

Partnership Agreement on Closing the Gap between SAACCON and the South Australian Government (PDF, 603.8 KB)

About the Partnership Agreement

This is a flagship Agreement where Aboriginal people hold equitable participation, shared ownership and shared responsibility for the South Australian effort to close the gap.

Through this Partnership, full recognition and respect is given to the cultural authority, sector expertise and lived experience of SAACCON and its members.

The Partnership prioritises Aboriginal-led service delivery and supports the Aboriginal Community Controlled Sector to build capacity.

These commitments acknowledge that when Aboriginal people have a genuine say in the design and delivery of services that affect them, better life outcomes are achieved.

Closing the Gap Partnership Committee

The Partnership Agreement also establishes the Closing the Gap Partnership Committee. The Partnership Committee includes equal representation from SAACCON and SA Government and will be the central governance mechanism for Closing the Gap in South Australia.

The Partnership Committee will:

  • develop and implement a shared work plan
  • monitor progress against South Australia’s Implementation Plan and the Partnership Agreement
  • work to ensure a shared understanding across the SA Government of SAACCON’s authority, expertise and authority as an equal partner.