The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2018 (PID Act) commenced on 1 July 2019, replacing the Whistleblowers Protection Act 1993 (WP Act).

The PID Act establishes a scheme that encourages and facilitates the appropriate disclosure of public interest information to certain persons or authorities.

It provides protections for some persons who make an appropriate disclosure of public interest information in accordance with the PID Act and sets out processes for dealing with such disclosures.

Making a disclosure concerning AGD

An appropriate disclosure of public administration information concerning AGD or an AGD employee can be made to the AGD responsible officer or to another relevant authority as defined by the Act.

There are a number of ways you can contact an AGD responsible officer to make an appropriate disclosure of public interest information, including:


Telephone: 1800 177 076 (freecall)

Post: *Mark the envelope private and confidential

Public Interest Disclosure, Attorney-General's Department
GPO Box 464
Adelaide SA 5001

Before making a disclosure

A person making a disclosure should consider:


All public officers must comply with the PID Act.

A public officer must report to the Office for Public Integrity (OPI) any matter that is reasonably suspected to involve corruption in public administration, unless the public officer knows that the conduct has already been reported to the OPI.

It is not mandatory to report misconduct or maladministration in public administration, but the Ombudsman expects that public officers will report to Ombudsman SA any matter that the public officer or public authority reasonably suspects involves maladministration and/or misconduct in public administration. The conduct can also be reported to the OPI.

More information about public interest disclosure

For more information, please visit the Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment website.