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About the department

The Attorney-General’s Department (AGD) promotes justice by protecting the rights of all South Australians, holding people to account according to the law, improving safety, and contributing to an efficient and fair justice system.

AGD delivers legal infrastructure for South Australia that is just, equitable and robust, with a focus on prevention. We promote fair, timely and economical access to justice by providing legal, civil, prosecutorial and legislative services to the community, ministers and agencies across government, as well as specialist policy advice.

We foster community safety and wellbeing by advocating for and protecting the rights of individuals, particularly the most vulnerable, and promoting cultural diversity and equality.

AGD also has regulatory and compliance functions. We work with businesses and provide services direct to the public to achieve better compliance and promote a fair, secure and balanced marketplace, where consumers are protected and know their rights.

AGD supports the work of independent offices, including, the Equal Opportunity Commissioner and the Commissioner for Victims’ Rights, while also supporting the Minister for Emergency Services and Minister for Police through the South Australian Computer Aided Dispatch, South Australian Government Radio Network (SAGRN) and the State Rescue Helicopter Service.

AGD is an administrative unit established under the Public Sector (Honesty and Accountability) Act 1995 (previously Public Sector Management Act 1995).

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