During the 2022 State Election, the Government committed to review the practice and jurisdiction of the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) to ensure it is effective and efficient, and empower it to enforce its decisions without going through other courts.

The SAET is the independent umpire for workplace disputes, and timely court proceedings are critically important where maintaining workplace relationships and contracts are in question.

2022 South Australian Employment Tribunal Review (SAET Review) survey now open

  • Guided by the Terms of Reference for the SAET Review, the survey seeks feedback in relation to how the practice and jurisdiction of the SAET might be improved to better meet its objectives of effectiveness and efficiency, and the enforcement of orders in the SAET.
  • In order for the review to be efficient and effective, the Reference Group is seeking survey responses from individuals who professionally engage with the Tribunal.
  • Your response to this survey is anonymous and responses will be de-identified before use.
  • The survey has now closed.

Next steps

The department will report to the Minister on the outcome of this stakeholder consultation by 28 February 2023.

The Minister will then consider the advice and recommendations of stakeholders.