The Attorney-General's Department provides legal and justice services for the South Australian Government and community.

Legal aid and advice

People can access legal information without cost at the Legal Services Commission of South Australia (The Commission).

Free legal advice – Legal Services Commission of South Australia

A free 24 hour service is also available and covers more than 60 common legal areas.

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Legal aid

The commission provides legal aid if people need specific legal advice and are unable to afford private legal representation. People requesting legal aid will need to apply and it is granted based on their circumstances, including how much they earn and what they own.

Legal costs are determined by what a person can reasonably afford to be pay.

Legal aid – Legal Services Commission of South Australia

Community legal centres

Community legal centres provide legal assistance from community sites in rural and metropolitan locations across South Australia. Centres can offer general and specialist legal services including:

  • advice
  • representation
  • legal education.

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